Wisin y Yandel Ended Their 25-year Career with One Last Show in Puerto Rico

The duo Wisin y Yandel wrap up their “La ultima misión” tour on Saturday, reaching a record 14 consecutive shows in their hometown.

Wisin y Yandel culminates this Saturday, December 31, with his “La ultima misión” tour with his last 14 consecutive tours in San Juan, at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum – with a capacity of 14,000 people – he broke a record number of shows and so ends a career spanning nearly 25 years in his homeland.

“Getting up on stage with my brother Wisin is a great opportunity in itself and reaching these records in the land that saw us born and supported us from the beginning until today in our journey through music is one of those great things. reality,” Yandel said in a statement.

The artists achieved another milestone with these 14 shows, as it was the first time that an artist had managed to perform 39 shows at the hottest venue in Puerto Rico. Yandel manager Andy Martinez, on the other hand, called it “absolutely interesting” to watch an incredible year for the singer.

Martinez added: “It was 81 shows with ‘La last misión’ and ending up at Isla del Encanto, where it all began, and reaching these new records is really incredible.”

For his part, Wesin emphasized that the recordings do not belong to them, “they are from Puerto Rico, from our fans and from everyone who has accompanied us during these 25 years of career”, he said, expressing his gratitude to the family . it’s personal. “Today we celebrated in style and we are happy to be doing it at home,” he said.

Likewise, Wisin’s manager, Chris Duque, commented that he was “grateful to be part of this historic moment with Wisin y Yandel. Thank you Wisin for trusting us and allowing us, together with the WK Entertainment team, to work alongside your career”.

Wisin y Yandel: “I would like all the shows to be like the one in Lima”

His voice resounded through two nights in Peru. On Friday, June 17th, reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel played a show in Trujillo, the first of those scheduled to perform in Peru. The following day, he repeated the dish in Lima, with a show in Pelouse, at the Jockey Club, which brought over 18,000 people to dance.

The performances were part of the “Last Mission of Wisin y Yandel” tour, which marked a farewell to the so-called “double date” on stage. Maybe that’s why, knowing there would be no repetition, his followers lived his music with such intensity that “I hope that all the other shows on the tour will be like today in Lima”, said Wisin on his Instagram account.

It wasn’t for less. The Money Mix came to Peruvian soil to make their fans shiver with songs like “Mírala bien”, “Pam Pam”, “Ahora es”, “Noche de entierro” and “Llamé pa’ verte”, among other classics of a decade of the 21st century has led them to call themselves “Musical Extraterrestrials”.

Also on their joint Instagram account, Wisin and Yandel shared a video of their concert on June 18, with the caption, “What we witnessed on the tour is incredible. Seeing all the stages full and the energy of our team that has been supporting us for more than 20 years with whom he teamed up.” Indescribably lately Thank you Lima for another unforgettable night.”

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