White Shirt: Learn to Choose the Perfect Model for Your Look

No wonder a white t-shirt is considered a must-have for any wardrobe, right? After all, the piece combines with many looks and also adds a special touch to any look.

Despite all these qualities, there’s no point in going out and buying any white shirt just to put it in your closet, see? It is because the existing models are numerous, however, it is good to think about the one that you like the most.

With that in mind, we’ve broken down stylist Camile Stefano’s tips to help you make the perfect choice and pull off the look. paying:

Pay Attention to the Fabric

First of all, you must analyze the ideal fabric for a white shirt. This is an important tip, as each fabric can give a different impression of the look. “Cotton tricolins are similar to men’s garments and are traditional options for work environments,” summarizes Camila.

The specialist adds that although they are more popular in a fitted version, white shirts with oversize designs are perfect for those looking for a less serious look.

A White Shirt in a Casual Style? Absolutely!

The white shirt is popular for its formal look, but it can also be used for casual looks. To do this, you only have to bet on the crepe and viscose cuts. “The crepe versions bring movement to the look and are a great option for a night out, with the hem tucked into pants or a skirt, while the viscose options combine with a relaxed daytime look, perfect for wearing with a small knot at the bottom. says Camila.

Don’t Forget the Flax

Finally, for those who want a more sophisticated look, a white linen shirt is also a great option, especially on hot days, since it is not too hot. This is the guarantee of a new dress!

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