Watch Fashion Lessons from Birthday Girl Larissa Manoela

Wednesday (28) Larisa Manuela turns 22. Today’s birthday girl is known for her fashion side. She wears many trends, but without neglecting the Joker cut, ensuring versatility.

Gloss, nothing but basic black, color blocking, and a mix of patterns. Get inspired by four of her looks:

A Little Black is Nothing Important

The black look is known for its lengthening and slimming effects. And you can go beyond the basics and get some fresh air. The actress wore a corset-style crop top with baggy pants, exposing part of her midriff. The accessories are tractor-soled shoes, sunglasses and a hat.

#knowledgeflip1 : Monochrome is an orientation that helps stretch, because there is no visual interruption.

#knowledgeflip2 : If you want to wear a crop top, the first thing is to get rid of the prints and bring out the idea that there is a perfect body for each look. All women can wear it as long as they feel good showing their tummy. When the lower part is higher, covering the navel, the effect is more discreet. The sensuality is greater with the return of the low waist.

Pattern Contrast

The contrast of styles was present with light pieces with a leather jacket and boots.

#knowledgeflip3 : Wearing an open third piece, such as a jacket or jacket, aids in elongation as it creates two vertical lines across the torso.

Color Blocking

Want to create an uplifting look? How about following the color blocking trend? Larissa Manuela wore a pink sweatshirt and yellow tennis shoes. Finally, a plaid skirt in neutral colors (grey and white), which helps to balance the look.

#knowledgeflip4 : The proposition is also known as tonal and takes into account the position of the shadows on the color wheel (image below), with similar groups (close colors), complements (opposite positions) and triads (three equidistant options).


Glitter has been a constant presence in the looks of fashion designers. Larissa Manuela opted for all pink, with a long-sleeved top full of sequins, pants and shoes.

#knowledgeflip5 : Shine tends to add volume. So, leave it on the areas she wants to enhance, not the areas she wants to hide. If you do not completely abandon the resource in the look, but you want to avoid its effect of widening the measurements, a piece of advice to favor the silhouette is to opt for more closed or matte tones.

#knowledgeflip6 : Tone-on-tone has a stretching effect provided by shadows close to the same color, which do not create much of a visual interruption.

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