The Beautiful Town called La Suisa Poblana is Aurrounded by Alpine Landscapes

Discover more Mexican landscapes that look like they came straight out of a movie

The city of Puebla continues to impress with its natural beauties, so much so that there is a place that compares to similar ones in Europe, and is known as the “Switzerland of Puebla”. There is no doubt that the mystery of the state of Puebla and its landscapes will make anyone fall in love, but also its biodiversity is recognized and similar to that found in foreign countries. This time we are going to describe more of Zacapoaxtla, municipality of Puebla than Switzerland.

With its climate of high rainfall, frequent fog and wooded landscape, Zacapoaxtla is considered the “Switzerland of Puebla”, but not only that, it is an unmissable destination that you can visit with your family, friends or as a couple, so don’t miss out on the surroundings nature, the waterfalls and their hills and the extinct volcano that you can find in the region. Pack your bags for a weekend in the serenity of this location and enviable landscapes.

What to do in Zacapoaxtla, “Suiza poblana”?

If you are interested in starting your journey in this place full of landscapes, you must know its picturesque streets with colonial architecture, but at the same time you will see that it is surrounded by three hills and the extinct volcano Apaxtepec, it is a destination full of nature with similarities with the European country, but with wonderful views over the mountains.

In Zacapoaxtla you must visit the Lateran Parish, which dates back to the 17th century, for this reason its beauty, both inside and on the facade, has thick walls, an incomparable vault supported by ribbed Tuscan arches, like the interior decoration of the painter Luis Toral González. Thanks to its mild and humid climate, you will be able to enjoy fog banks that will reduce the visibility of the residents, but will provide you with one of the most enchanting landscapes in the region.

Here you can also visit the ‘Velo de Novia’ waterfall, a gentle but stunning waterfall that barely seems to run over the rock. An incredible sound that will instantly relax you, because thanks to the porosity of the rock, it has that acoustic effect. Another unmissable attraction is the “La Olla” waterfall, where you can see the abundant vegetation and see two waterfalls that join the pool they form. Be sure to visit “Suiza poblana” on your next trip to the state.

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