Pescadero, The Most Beautiful Destination for a First Solo Trip This Year

The picturesque town of Pescadero is ideally located and tucked away on the Californian coast of the United States, but before being the place where thousands of tech entrepreneurs loved to live, it was already a must-see for tourists looking for a place full of tranquility. In recent years, it has gained a lot of popularity, as tourists fleeing the big cities are interested in this less crowded place.

Pescadero is one of the places with only 650 inhabitants, so it will undoubtedly be a peaceful place for a solo trip. Here you can enjoy a completely rural location, close to the sea and without many buildings. The buildings are so low that you will see some businesses like cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, gas stations and a mall.

Pescadero, a Peaceful Place to Travel in California

Around Pescadero you can enjoy cultivated fields, where most of the population lives. That’s why it’s a rustic destination of redwood forests, farmland and rugged beaches. Thus, those coming from Silicon Valley can enjoy this peaceful place, without much noise from the city.

In Pescadero is the Butano State Park, as well as the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, unmissable postcards for visitors. It’s an ideal destination to enjoy on your own, as there are options for hiking, kayaking or cycling along coastal paths with stunning panoramic views.

Pescadero also has a wide variety of restaurants that promise to satisfy the most demanding palate. At the same time, you’ll see items made by local artisans, farmers’ markets and fresh food from nearby farms, and even though it’s a small town, you’ll see that you can do different activities.

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