Pampered and Fashionista, Meet the Character Jade in Travessia

The influencer Jade Picón will be auditioning from October 10, when the telenovela “Travesía” will premiere, written by Gloria Pérez. It is not known for sure when the character of Chiara, who plays her, will air. The anticipation is great. BBB’s previous casting drew criticism, but the staff praised her performance.

Anyway, you can see that Chiara likes jade and vice versa, especially when it comes to fashion. Both, according to the actress herself, are very compatible with current trends. “I keep finding out everything that Chiara and I have in terms of our similarities and differences. But yes, we have some things in common: we are both girls who like trends. One thing that I learn with Chiara, and that I admire, It’s the fact that she’s decisive. Her face on it, I think is very pretty. It can go well or badly, but she does it without fear. That’s a quality I don’t have much of,” Jade said of her first character in the series. TV.

In publicity photos for the soap opera, Chiara/Jade appears in a denim look that the actress could have worn at any event the 21-year-old attended. And yes, she follows one of the great trends of the moment: a denim look with a white crop top and black boots. Plaid fabric patchwork blazer is in fashion, it doesn’t look monotonous.

The character, according to the soap opera’s publicity material, is a pampered young woman who does not accept the negative things that life throws at her. Chiara is the daughter of Guerra (Humberto Martins), who registers her as his, but in reality she has Moretti (Rodrigo Lombardi) as her biological father. They were both in love with Débora (Grazi Massafera), who died shortly after Chiara’s birth, after an accident.

On the first day of filming, Jade posted photos on Instagram in a white bikini, alongside Chay Sued, in a half-cup bra. She was also wearing a knitted hat of the same color. “My first day of recording for Travessia. The first of many to come and it couldn’t have been better. I can’t wait to meet Chiara. Thank you to everyone involved, what I’m feeling right now I can’t even put into words. Words!” she wrote in an Instagram caption.

The character teaser, which dropped this week, also shows what Jade Picon might look like off-screen, including a miniskirt, bodysuit, and heart-shaped crop top. And even the makeup with details such as crystals, as the influencer uses a lot in real life, is also in Chiara’s characterization. And he waits to see what Chiara looks like as Jade in real life.

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