New Year: 5 Positive Attitudes to Start 2023 Off Right

An expert reveals advice for those who want to pick up new habits and start the new year on a lighter note.

The beginning of a new year is always a time for reflection, as people pause to rethink their projects and define their plans and goals for the future. But, in addition, this is also a period to review and even change some habits and attitudes in daily life.

That’s why we consulted the psychotherapist Adriana Weitzel, who gave us some tips that can help you start on the right foot in 2023. Take a look:

Take a Personal Balance Sheet

Evaluate your life in the past year and see what prevented you from achieving or living what you wanted. “Identify the goals you have achieved, what has made you happy and what you have left to conquer or live. Celebrate every step you take and be grateful,” Wetzel says.

Define your Projects

Having goals is an important part of anyone’s life, as it motivates us to live and overcome challenges. For this reason, the professional recommends making a list of projects that will be implemented in the coming months.

“Remember the possible goals and think about how you can achieve them. Make a plan and divide the goals into small ones,” instructs the specialist.

Develop your Skills

After you put your plans on paper, decide what skills you need to develop to accomplish all your projects. For example: “I want to find love and have a happy relationship, but I am shy, so what should I do?” This person will need to develop the social and emotional skills to make this goal possible.

Invest in Personal Care

Taking care of yourself should always be a priority, and that’s not being selfish, see? Even because you will only be able to take care of others if you are healthy. So go to therapy and know your interior, suggests the specialist. “Take care of your thoughts, develop self-love, accept yourself more, judge less, stop comparing yourself to others, and strive to improve yourself,” she advises.

Have Fun

Time is the most precious resource we have, but with a life full of obligations, we are not always able to value it. “Sometimes we just think about obligations and live on autopilot. As a result, life goes by without making use of the most important thing: our time”, recalls Wetzel.

Thus, you suggest that in this new year you dedicate some time to live pleasant moments with the people you love, and exchange experiences and different programs. She concludes: “Travel more, see friends, have more contact with nature, enjoy the ones you love and do what makes you happy.”

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