Miss Universe 2022: Latina Candidates who will Compete Against Peruvian Alicia Ruvigno

Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina and others. Here, meet the Latino representatives who will be at Miss Universe 2022 and strive to take the crown home.

The 85 candidates from around the world are preparing for Miss Universe 2022 and are looking to take the crown home. In the case of Peru, Alicia Ruvigno has positioned herself as one of the favorites in the international competition, according to Telemundo. However, she’s not the only model looking to be a winner, as there are more and more Latino actors to compete with. Meet them here.

Miss Honduras 2022 – Rebecca Rodriguez

Rebeca Rodriguez is from San Pedro Sula, Cortes Department, Honduras, 20 years old, and for several years she has been dedicated to professional modeling for famous brands. He is bilingual and is pursuing a dual degree in International Business and Digital Marketing at Atlantis University in Miami.

In addition to her physical beauty with her imposing height of 1.70 meters, blue eyes and blonde hair, her inner beauty stands out, as she is an ambassador for institutions dedicated to the promotion of health and education in her home country.

Rebecca Rodriguez

Miss Puerto Rico 2022 – Ashley Carino

Ashley Carreño is the representative of Puerto Rico in the 71st edition of the Miss Universe pageant. One of the reasons why he wanted to enter the competition was that he wanted to “carry the message so that people, especially young people today, know that when they think about something, when they believe in what they have, in their capabilities, in their skills, anything is possible, there is no limit.

Currently, Cariño is finishing his degree in aeronautical engineering at the University of Central Florida with hopes of earning a degree in rocket propulsion. Her ultimate goal is to work with NASA, which was a childhood dream.

Ashley Carino

Miss Panama 2022 – Solaris Barba

Solaris Barba is an ambassador for Smile Train Latin America Foundation, an organization focused on providing solutions for cleft lips and palates. In addition, she is a psychology student and a dance and fine arts enthusiast. She also cooperates closely with the S.O.S. Albinos from Panama, who help indigenous children with albinism in Guna Yala, in the Panamanian Caribbean.

Solaris Barba

Miss Venezuela 2022 – Amanda Dudamel

Amanda Dudamel is the daughter of Rafael Dudamel, the football coach who established “Vinotinto” in Latin American football. The model is a stylist, therefore, she is involved in creating her wardrobe for Miss Universe Day 2022 and wants to bring her own personal touch to each piece of clothing that she will wear during the ceremony.

Growing up as an athlete, responsibility and dedication are his main pillars: “I’ve been awake since four in the morning and I always have a smile on my face because I want to represent Venezuela with a lot of responsibility, pride and the love that radiates in me, you have to feel , involves responsibility, but you also have to carry it in your blood and feel it with passion.”

Amanda Dudamel

Miss Chile 2022 – Sofia Depasier

Depassier is 24 years old. She is a fashion designer and entertainer. She is passionate about acting and all things beauty like makeup and fashion. On her social media, she showed a scar on her lower back as a result of surgery after being diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12. “I had a complex surgery, which made me rethink my whole life, afraid of never walking again, of not being able to lead a normal life, and where I would have a huge scar for the rest of my life,” revealing his young match.

And he added with the photo: “Fortunately, everything went well and today I can live a normal life, which made me think that sometimes we silence the pain, hide those wounds and forget that they are the real battles that must be won.” .

Sofia Depasier

Miss Brazil 2022 – Mia Mamedi

The 26-year-old Brazilian supermodel, businesswoman, philanthropist, multi-bucket, fluent in French, Spanish, English and Mandarin, is a TV anchor, journalist, graduated in Social and Economic Sciences in New York and a great speaker.

She will be looking to bring first place back to her home country, as she has failed to qualify for the final since 2020, when Julia Gama finished as her first finalist.

Mia Mamedi

Miss Bolivia 2022 – Camila Sanabria

Camila Sanabria has a degree in Business Administration and a Master’s in Marketing and Business Administration. Since she started participating in beauty pageants, she has made her social purpose clear: to help others. Since her appointment as Miss Bolivia’s representative for Miss Universe 2022, the awareness of autism and bullying that she knows intimately has become personal.

“My nephew is autistic. I want to be able to help raise awareness of this condition and also help these children through the socialization process. Living this with my family touched my heart and I could understand the lack of support and help available in this process”.

Camila Sanabria

Miss Nicaragua 2022 – Norma Huembs

Norma Hoembs, 24 years old, was born in the municipality of San Marcos, province of Carazo (Pacific), and is one of Nicaragua’s favorites on social media for the title of Miss Universe 2022. She is fluent in Spanish, English and Italian and is currently learning Korean.

She holds a degree in public accounting from the Universidad Centro América de Managua. In 2020, she was an exchange student at Keene State College in Keene, New Hampshire, USA, where she studied Business Administration.

Norma Huembs

Miss Guatemala 2022 – Ivana Batchelor

Ivana BA works as an English and Spanish translator, pianist and Spanish dancer. She is the co-founder of The Bachelor and The Academy modeling agency and is sure to take the crown for herself.

“I am proud to have won the title with love that made me live unforgettable experiences. Miss Universe Guatemala was just a dream come true and one of the best experiences of my professional and personal life. I thank the people who were with me, who believed in me and supported me with their unconditional love. I say goodbye to the title with a lot of feeling. Satisfied and proud, thank you to everyone who has always trusted me, ”she told Telemundo.

Ivana Batchelor

Miss Costa Rica 2022 – Maria Fernanda Rodriguez

Maria Fernanda is a civil engineer passionate about languages. She recently graduated with a degree in Portuguese, her third language, and continues to study Costa Rican Sign Language as the inclusion of non-verbal languages is important to her.

She is a sports enthusiast and practices mixed martial arts, ballet and swimming. She dedicates her time to helping young people, especially the Associação Juvenil Mariano, of which she is a member of the board. He is also an active member of the ‘International Lions Club of Costa Rica’ and the ‘Clean Wave’.

Maria Fernanda Rodriguez

Miss Paraguay 2022 – Leah Ashmore

Liz Ashmore studied marketing and graphic design full-time. Another of her missions is to work alongside various organizations with the aim of bringing a message of hope, acceptance and compassion.

Lia is dedicated to helping others build a healthy sense of self and self after experiencing rejection and discrimination in her childhood which led her to contemplate suicide. He believes that one person can make a difference and lectures on self-acceptance to end body mutilation.

Leah Ashmore

Miss Argentina 2022 – Barbara Cabrera

Bárbara Cabrera is the Creative Director of her own womenswear brand BÁRBARA CABRERA Buenos Aires. In addition, she would like to continue collaborating with the Margarita Barrientos Foundation, an entity that provides cafeterias for people in difficult situations to help more women and children find a safe place where they can receive support, stay safe and rebuild their lives.

Barbara Cabrera

Miss Dominican Republic 2022 – Andrina Martinez

Andreína Martínez has participated in the New York City Fashion Week, NYFW, and has also been the image of campaigns for brands such as Missoni, Nars cosmetics and Sephora. At the end of 2020, she participated and won her first beauty pageant, “Misses of the Dominican Republic”, held in New York City, becoming the representative of the Dominican diaspora in the United States, being the first time that a representative of the Dominican Republic conquered the Dominican community in the United States.

She currently works for the Center for Women’s Equality, an NGO that fights for women’s rights in Latin America and the Caribbean, where she is responsible for supporting the organization’s main programmatic needs.

Andrina Martinez

Miss Colombia 2022 – Maria Fernanda Aristizabal

María Fernanda is a motivational speaker, model and influencer with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Aristizábal works with several non-profit organizations including Smile Train and Best Buddies. Aristizabal wants to use the Miss Universe platform to raise awareness of water scarcity and highlight it through her #SOSWATER campaign.

Maria Fernanda Aristizabal

Miss Mexico 2022 – Irma Miranda

Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuela studied business administration, although she is also a fan of dance, especially folkloric ballet, and has worked for Televisa as a sportscaster.

In 2016, Miranda began her professional pageant career, being the first finalist in the Final Nacional de Nuestra Belleza México in 2016, a pageant won by Cristal Silva de Tamaulipas.

Irma Miranda

Miss Ecuador 2022 – Nailhi Gonzalez

Nailhi Gonzalez was born in Esmeralda, Ecuador, and before entering the world of beauty, she studied nursing. The model carries out social work throughout the year, with special attention to children in the province of Esmeraldas, through her own Juventud Diamante project, in collaboration with the Germinar Foundation. As the titleholder of Miss Ecuador, she aims to boost the morale and self-esteem of Afro-descendant women.

Nailhi Gonzalez

Miss El Salvador 2022 – Alejandra Guajardo

The 26-year-old, who represented the Cabañas constituency, was born in the state of Quintana Roo, in Cancún, Mexico. Her mother is Mexican, but her father and the rest of her family are Salvadoran, so Guajardo has dual citizenship. Alejandra grew up in El Salvador, Mexico and Texas, but has lived in the country for three years, although she is always traveling for work.

In the face of comments that have been made because of her Mexican nationality, the beautiful actress explains: “I feel very proud because I carry the blood of El Salvador in my veins. We are Salvadorans all over the world and we have never lost our roots, we will always be proud of our country.” Together with her family, she created a brand of organic beauty products with CBD (cannabidiol) called Kankenami.

Alejandra Guajardo

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