Gisela Valcarcel denies Having Vetoed Tola Rodriguez, from Channel America: ‘I didn’t Say I Couldn’t Enter’

Although she was relieved they didn’t look at each other when they worked on the same channel, Gisela made it clear that she had nothing against Tola.

Gisela Valcarcel spoke about her alleged rivalry with Tola Rodríguez and rumors that pointed to her as the person who opposed Vedet’s previous entry into América Televisión. As is known, Rodriguez had a relationship with the ex-husband of “Cineto”, but in the programs of various shows this was pointed out as the basis of discord in the marriage.

To put an end to the myth, the host of El Gran Show denied having banned Tola from the channel, but acknowledged her discomfort with working in the same facilities. Also, Gisela mentions that when Tula entered the canal, they had to get her out through another door to avoid an unpleasant encounter.

“One day they told me ‘You’re going to come out on the other side’. I did my show in a studio upstairs (the canal) and I said to the person ‘Why? “And he said to me ‘Follow me, I know what I tell you.’ And I went out through a back staircase. And what happened is that they rented a Tola and wanted to avoid (an encounter)”, the blonde told La Linares de Youtube channel.

The message that Tula left

Although she was relieved not to meet the presenter, Gisela wanted to make it clear that she had nothing against Tola. She then decided to speak with the producer of En Boca de Todos so that Rodríguez would receive the message.

“I felt, at that moment, that I couldn’t look at her and for a long time, when she arrived at one hour, she left at another. I spoke to the producer once and I said to her ‘I think you have something against me and you thought that if I brought Tola I would be upset, but nothing more wrong”, he commented.

“I don’t know how many people, after a short time, would like to look at who is with their husband. It happened to me as well as everyone else, but I don’t have the slightest bit of malice and I never said I shouldn’t come (Tula). It really happened. And it’s ancient history. So far I haven’t found it.”

Gisela Valcarcel doubts the new season of El Gran Show for 2023

After the end of El Gran Show, where Gino Pesaresi was crowned winner, Gisela Valcárcel hinted that she would not return with the same dance program in 2023, as she had other plans on the channel.

“With that I end my resistance. I never know if I’ll come back, that’s why I’m so excited, I never know if they’re going to give me a pass”, she said last Saturday. “Don’t ask me about my plans for next year, because I don’t have them yet. I don’t know if I’ll do this show again, I just know that I lived it and that today I’m happy”, explained the TV presenter.

With Galas approaching and Gino Pesaresi as the two-time champion, everything indicates that El Gran Show remains healthy among the Peruvian public. Will he return for a new installment in 2023? So far, this is in doubt.

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