From Isis to Larisa: Celebs Show Wild 4 Pieces of Summer

The hottest season has arrived and giving way to the lighter looks. Do you want to know what the wild summer cuts are? We have selected four options that can make your wardrobe more versatile and elegant.

A light dress, a T-shirt, a neutral crop top, and denim shorts are good choices. Get inspired by the looks of Isabella Fiorentino, Camila Queiroz, Isis Valverde and Larissa Manuela:

Short Jeans

Summer is synonymous with barefoot. Denim shorts are usually one of the most requested pieces. Versatile and casual, it is easy to combine with different tops. Larissa Manuela wore the piece with a striped shirt with a bow at the bottom.

#knowledgeflip1 : The high-waisted pants that cover the navel are a good option for those who want to show a small girdle on the belly.


The T-shirt cannot be missing in the versatile wardrobe. The plain models are more practical to combine, but the patterns provide a fresh and modern look, as demonstrated by Camila Queiroz.

#knowledgeflip2 : T-shirts can be part of simple and even neat looks, depending on the accessories. If you want something very casual, bet on a combination with jeans or cropped jeans. For a more serious touch, wear it with a blazer, pants, fabric skirt, or dressy boots.

Neutral Crop Top

The crop top is here to stay. And with neutral colors (like white, black and gray), it makes it easy to create different combinations. Isis Valverde chose white to combine with her printed skirt.

#knowledgeflip3 : If you want to wear a crop top, the first thing is to get rid of the prints and get rid of the idea that there is a perfect body for each look. All women can wear it as long as they feel good showing their tummy. When the lower part is higher, covering the navel, the effect is more discreet. The sensuality is greater with the return of the low waist.

Light Dress

Light and loose dresses bring comfort, freshness and elegance. They can be of different lengths, from short to long, with or without print. The important thing is to feel beautiful and confident in front of the mirror.

#knowledgeflip4 : Monochrome is an orientation that helps to stretch, because there is no visual interruption.

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