Curitiba Woman Eliminates 22 kg in Three Months

It is another type of example that shows how important perseverance is.

Not all women live well before and after pregnancy, that is, many of them develop binge eating and depression, as is the case of Loide Lacerda, 40, from Curitiba. Despite these setbacks, Loide simply used her own love for herself as her motivation and she managed to lose 22 kg in a period of three months.


“Before motherhood, when I had high blood pressure and poor health. (After pregnancy) I developed a strong compulsion for food, where I couldn’t think of what to put in my mouth. Nobody really likes themselves 100 pounds over than the body supports it more or less healthy ”, Lacerda affirms exclusively to Sport Life.

Difficulty growing at the base and uniformity at the top
What seemed like a “dead end” became the path to a healthy life. This woman from Curitiba learned about the work of the company “5S Emagrecimento Saudável” and opted for this weight loss proposal. Loid ensures that there is no radical diet, that is, all planning is done within limits, with regular exercise and the help of reason.

“We grew up celebrating birthdays, reunions, ceremonies and triumphs with food. Carbohydrate-laden calorie foods comfort us when we get tired of life’s activities. So we also need to practice our heads to flip the switch correctly,” she said. she. she claims

This desire for change literally changed Lacerda’s life, as she saw the differences she felt both in her own body and in her health, socialization, and quality of sleep.

“I climb stairs without pain or extreme fatigue, I sleep better, my intestines are more organized and the quality of sleep has improved a lot. The liver fat – second degree fatty liver – has disappeared. I repeated the tests and nothing appears anymore. The Social relationships have also improved, because one improves on the inside, so everything is reflected in the environment”, he says.

It’s the kind of circumstance that now requires more of Lois for nothing to break in a short period of time. Discipline increases with the body in its complete form. And she summarizes: “In order not to gain weight again the kilos that I lost, I reinforce the strength exercises, I organize the meals of the week on Sundays and I continue to drink the right amount of water, necessary for the proper functioning of the intestine.”


Lacerda only praises the follow-up developed with Dr. Gilian Erzinger, a professional dermatological functional physiotherapist licensed in the 5S group of Exline Clínica e Estética in Curitiba. “With the daily monitoring we feel the illusion of showing results and not the frustration of those who accompany and encourage you every day. It is the police who reinforce and encourage self-monitoring. I got rid of 22 kilos in three months,” she noted. she concludes herself.

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