Cholula, Magic Town in Puebla are among the Favorite Places to Visit in 2023

Cholula is one of the closest magical towns to the capital of Puebla, so it’s a must see

Puebla has become one of the preferred destinations for tourists looking to learn more about new Spanish art, the history of the colony and ancient cuisine, as well as getting to know the important indigenous city where many temples and hermitages were built, which after the arrival of the temples Spaniards were built. Therefore, Cholula, the magical city, is among the favorite places of 2023, an unmissable stop.

If you want to start traveling in 2023, the best option is to visit Cholula, Puebla, this charming destination has become an unmissable stop among domestic and foreign tourists, as it has a living history in its city, you can see it from pre- Hispanic precincts, the rich architectural highlights of the colonial era. This time we will reveal more details about our favorite Puebla destination to visit in 2023.

Cholula, the Unmissable Magical City of Puebla in 2023

According to the annual travel forecast report prepared by the platform, Cholula occupies the first place among the destinations that most attract the attention of travelers for the year 2023, so let’s tell you the magic that this magical city has and be among the favorites.

Cholula is a charming and picturesque town located just 30 minutes from the state capital of Puebla and just two hours from CDMX. It is a destination of great charm from Plaza de la Concordia, where you will see Los Portales, a series of arches built in 1573. In addition, you can visit the National Museum of Mexican Railways, the Archaeological District and the Regional Museum as well as admire San Francisco’s famous Acatepec Temple.

One of the must-see places, where you will see religious architectural wealth and relics from the pre-Hispanic era, is the Great Pyramid and the former Franciscan monastery of San Gabriel, one of the oldest in America. At the same time, you’ll find a wide variety of bars and restaurants, craft shops and art galleries.

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