Carla Díaz, the Most Famous of those Who Appears in the summer of 2023, Colors

The hottest season of the year begins on Wednesday (21) and lasts until March 20. Do you want to know what are the colors of summer 2023? We have prepared a selection of ideas to cheer you up with an elegant look!

The big bet is next year’s Pantone pick. After Violet Berry in 2022, it is the turn of Viva Magenta.

“We chose this color because we felt it was a modern color for an unconventional time, something that could usher in a new vision,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Institute. “It’s a color that really vibrates with energy and vitality, which means a new sign of strength, something we all need for a more optimistic future.”

From the New York Fashion Week shows in the US, Pantone also identified 10 shades that promise to celebrate the season (pictured below). Among them are red, orange, fuchsia, green, yellow, pink and blue.

Viva Magenta – Color of the year 2023 according to Pantone

Carla Díaz shone with a completely purple look, consisting of a long jacket, top, and shorts.

#knowledgeflip1 : Monochrome is a trend that helps lengthen because there is no visual interruption.

Green Classic

Green symbolizes health, hope, renewal and vitality. Ticiane Pinheiro chose a jumpsuit with a tie at the waist.

#knowledgeflip2 : To find out which shade of green suits you best, hold the fabrics close to your face and see which one makes them stand out the most.

Purple Beet

Fuchsia combines well with pink in Ana Hickmann’s jacket, coordinating the production with light pink pants.

#knowledgeflip3 : Wearing an open third piece, such as a coat or jacket, aids in elongation by creating two vertical lines across the torso.

Tangelo and Perennial Blue

Patricia Poita has picked up two shades from the trend palette for 2023: orange in pants and blue in a bikini.

#knowledgeflip4 : Color locking is also known as tonal, and takes into account the position of the shadows on the tonal circle (shown below), with groups of cognates (close colors), complementary (opposite positions), and triads (three equidistant options).

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