5 Public Beaches you can Visit in Cancun to Welcome the Year 2023

Travel to Cancun and enjoy a leisurely afternoon on one of these breathtakingly beautiful public beaches

It is possible to plan a trip to dream destinations without having to leave the national territory, because in Mexico we have many indescribable places where the whole family will enjoy an incredible vacation among beautiful places full of life and colors, especially if it is a matter of enjoying the coast destinations that will surprise us.

The Mexican Caribbean is ideal for those who love sun, sand and waves, so today we recommend five excellent public beaches that you can visit if you’re passing through Cancun, places that, in addition to being free and open to all tourists or visitors, will give you very special moments that include Untold photos to share on your social networks.

Dolphin Beach

This beautiful beach is a public place that many travelers consider a favorite, as it has many free access kiosks where you can spend unlimited time. In addition, you can enjoy a delicious meal, enjoy a refreshing drink or take a photo at the Cancun sign located near the road through which you will enter this space. It’s a wide place with open sea with slightly more intense waves, so you should be careful if you don’t know how to swim. It has a viewpoint where you will have a very privileged view over the sea and despite being a beach a little far from the hotel zone, it is a space that fills you with peace and quiet.

Chak Mall Beach

A beautiful public beach located 10 km from the hotel zone, a very pleasant place where you will spend wonderful afternoons admiring the turquoise colors characteristic of the Caribbean Sea in Mexico. It is a very spacious and crowded place with sandbanks that allow you to go a little deeper without having to be an experienced swimmer. Upon entering this open space, you will find some seats and platters available to any visitor, and best of all, you will be able to enter your own cooler with refreshing drinks or food to enjoy while watching one of the most enchanting shows.

Blue Gel Beach

It is 9.5 kilometers from the hotel area of this destination and you will find it when you go through a small path between Mandala Nightclub and Forum Plaza right in the nightclub area. It is a beach that attracts more people due to its location very close to nightlife venues, as it is the center of parties. Here you will find a much stronger sea, with strong waves that make it attractive for surfers, but if you are not an expert swimmer, you can stay on the beach and enjoy your stay while admiring the beautiful landscape from the sand.

Blue Gel Beach

Lobster Laya

Playa Langosta is located at Kilometer 5 of Cancun’s hotel zone, right next to the Mexican flagpole. It has a wide, white sand beach and calm, shallow waves, making it an ideal spot for those traveling with young children. In this space you will also find two playgrounds and a small pier where you can take the best photographs to upload to your hammocks.

Snail Beach

It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun and is located at kilometer 8.5 with the entrance opposite Plaza Caracol. If you decide to spend the afternoon in this place, you will find a very calm sea, with sandbanks that allow us to dive in its subsoil at very low depths even being several meters from the coast. Upon entering this beach you can walk one way or the other and position yourself for the best views and as you walk you will find more privacy to lie on the sand.

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