10 Celebrity Bikinis to Bet On in Summer 2022/23

Summer is a time of sun, beach, sea, swimming pool, waterfall… and of course: sea! Do you want to know what the main trends are? We picked 10 celebrity bikinis to inspire you!

Among the options are a scarf top, tie, hot pants, half cup, drape… See details and tips:

Metallic Bikini

How about opting for a metallic bikini? The shine of gold and silver conquered celebrities, including Juliet. Feline half-cup set with padding and hanging panties.

#knowledgeflip1 : The proposal is too flashy, and therefore not suitable for women who seek discretion and simplicity.

Animal Print Bikini

Jaguar, zebra, python… Animal skin prints promise to dominate beach fashion. Giovanna Eubank wore a leopard-print shirt with a halter top, a ruffled zip-up design, spaghetti straps with an adjuster, and a tie back; Plus panties with side bow. The pieces are from her trademark, I AM G.

#knowledgeflip2 : The leopard is an attractive and striking print. If you want to reduce its impact, bet on a single piece with the rest smooth and in neutral colors.

Hot Pants

Another piece that promises to stay strong is shorts, like the one shown by Larissa Manuela.

#knowledgeflip3 : Hot pants (high waisted pants) help to shape the body, estimate the waist and hide belly fat.


The curtain is a classic in Brazilian swimwear. Anna Heckmann accessorized the blue ensemble with a body chain.

#knowledgeflip4 : Drape bikini is the great love, but nothing democratic! They usually look good only on a thin body, because the thin side with a bow does not look harmonious with wide hips, and thin bra straps do not provide the necessary support for a voluminous bust.

Tie Front Top

Details can make all the difference, and the bow on the front of the shirt is proof of that. Carolina Dieckmann has opted for this trend with an orange model.

#knowledgeflip5 : Bow for those who seek to create volume in the chest area.

Jet Ski

Hang gliding continues to rise. Isis Valverde showed off her underwear with an animal print bikini.

#knowledgeflip6 : a hang glider that has the quality of elongating the legs. At the same time, since the sides are high, they can flatten the back. So, take a good look in the mirror and see if the model fits your body.

Half Cup

The top of the half cup is ribbed, providing added support for the breast. The Preta Gil bikini comes with a wider side bottom, which suits different body types well.

#knowledgeflip7 : It is a good choice for both small and large busts, due to its comfort and modeling.


The long tank top with contrasting ties continues to be a trend.

#knowledgeflip8 : Remember that braided headbands can scratch the skin when exposed to the sun. Reinforce the protector and diversify the models.

Band Style Top

The strap-like upper ensures support, practicality and added comfort during water sports. Paola Oliveira appeared with a zebra model.

#knowledgeflip9 : The bikini top can be worn in everyday looks, proving its versatility. It is worth combining shorts with skirts, pants, an open top… Let your creativity speak louder, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations.

Pay Cap

This white look from Deborah Secco has a wavy pattern, which has a pleat at the back of the panties, creating the famous “butt lift” effect.

#knowledgeflip10 : The piece that has the effect of going up the slope is usually more hollow. This is definitely for those who like to take something smaller to the beach or pool.

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